HDCP enabled DVI to HDMI upscaling DVD player


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More of a 'just to let you know' thread, I recently bought a Sony DVP-NS78H upscaling DVD player with both HDMI and component outputs. To my absolute amazement, my Sharp LC-26GA3E with a DVI-D socket worked fine!

After many investigations to wether the Sharp GA3E series actually supported HDCP, and even phoning Sharp technical who didnt have a clue if it supported it or not. I decided to get an upscaling player and settle for component if the DVI-D didnt work.

Even the manual has no mention what so ever of supporting HDCP on the DVI-D socket so I was pleasantly suprised when it actually worked with a HDMI to DVI-D cable.

So for all you GA3E owners out there, wondering about HDCP on the DVI socket, I can confirm it does support it.

SKY HD may have to be the next purchase now along with a HDMI switch box! :thumbsup:



Many SD DVD players have HDCP on the HDMI as afaik, it is part of the HDMI specs. All HD ready TV's have to be HDCP enabled either through DVI or HDMI.

I have had a Panasonic S52 (now S53) and now a Sony NS76 running off HDMI through a DVI I port on a projector (DVI I does both DVI D and DVI A). The projector isn't even HD Ready. It allows me to attach my computer on the same projector using VGA to DVI A connection. I can then switch between DVI D and DVI A even when both are on at the same time.

What is the Sony NS78 like? How does it differ from the NS76?

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