HDCP 2.2 Projector EH-TW7000 to YSP 3300 routing problems


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Hi All, I have just upgraded from an EPSON EH-TW5650 to a TW7000. On my current setup I have the majority of the devices at the front (by the screen) of my system and then using a Wireless Streaming Optoma WD200 send the video feed to the Projector. This worked issue free and I have enjoyed the Projector immensely. I am looking forward to the small increment of Faux 4K and some HDR boost to the colours. My wife hates the rainbow from DLP so my options were limited and it is a crazy time to buy a projector so I couldn’t justify the cost of the 7400 or the 7900. Although I got as good price for my old one so hopefully this will all be worth it. So here comes the new issues HDCP2.2 and 4K bring.

The projector should arrive Friday and some components I think I need I have ordered will discuss later for Saturday. I would like it if someone else could do me a sense check that what I am doing seems logical and maybe highlight any shortcuts I could take to achieve the same result.

Setup available, the Epson Projector EH-TW7000 for the Video Display. The Optoma WD200 for getting a HDMI Wirless signal Transmitted. AV Soundbar YSP3300. Looking to use my Amazon Cube, Google Chrome Cast and Nintendo Switch for inputs.

Room Setup: 5m x 5M , Projector on book shelf at back of room beaming onto a large matt wall on the other side with a very high ceiling. No screen so again the lack of High contrast in the projector is not of huge concern.

I have considered ditching the sound bar and just sticking in a couple of echo studios. I currently have an echo studio in my bedroom, which I can switch out with the projector and simplifies the issue using the ARC return channel it can happily sit there. However I do really like the Yamaha sound and it is quite a nice change to the dual echo studio setup I have in the lounge. Issues with the Echo Studio is I would have to switch to Bluetooth from the Projector every time I want to use the Stadia or the Nintendo Switch and also seems a waste to use BT here. Also this is the games room so I can really crank up the base and the volume of the soundbar. So I am trying to think of solutions to get it all working together.

Current thoughts are push the input devices next to the projector plenty of space on top to house the Cube and Switch alongside the projector and concentrate on beaming a compliant HDMI channel back to the Soundbar. I am hoping to achieve this using a TES Smart HDMI Splitter : Amazon product

From what I can read and find out this should be able to handle both dual resolution output and dual HDCP. I need this device to step down one HDMI output to 1.4 at 1080p with 5.1 Ch which I will send to the Soundbar using the Optoma WD200 wireless HDMI and then have the other Detect the Projector in 2.2 and pass through the 18gbps signal to the Projector.

So what do you guys think ? Is this complete overkill? I guess I would then need to get some form of HDMI splitter or switch to do 3:1 input to the splitter. From my experience, the latency of the Wirless HDMI justifies the cable free solution as it caused no lag at all in previous set up. Also Cube can lip sync sound in both directions. Although I do not necessarily have to do this I could buy a long cable and run that around the room as the cable could be nicely hidden. The boring cheap option would be to buy a ATPx HD receiver and have the optical out go to the YSP as the projector supports the aptx HD codec. However that would then reduce the sound quality to Stereo.

The YSP3300 is HDCP1.4 and HDMI 1.4 compliant but does support 4k and 3D pass-through. The Projector has two HDCP2.2 HDMI ports and I will need to use HDMI 2.0 to get optimize the signal from Cube to Projector through Splitter. BT Audio but no ARC on the HDMI ports L !

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