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Hello all

Ok, spent an awful long time trawling the forums but thought I'd ask the questions I need answering, so looking to Joe and Jamie for some advice !

I am in the process of redecorating a house that we until recently rented but have now purchased, so it's time to get some decent AV installed whilst keeping the wife happy with some serious redecoration.

Currently we can discard anything that's already installed since although it's a nice big 5 bedroom, 3 storey house built only three years ago ... it's only got single coax to each room but not all terminated back to the loft with individual runs, but daisy-chained which means we can't even get a decent freeview signal.

So requirements are quite simple - we have two Sky HD boxes which we need to send to each room with the ability to select and control either box.

Might as well run coax to each TV so they could use Freeview if required, and there will be CAT 6 too so can use the internet functionality on the TVs, maybe there will be Apple TV on a couple.

Currently have Sonos Play 3 or Play 5 in each room wirelessly, but would prefer to network.

Feeding four rooms so looking at 4x4 matrix, Apple TV and Sonos will feed off the HDanywhere. So here are my questions -

Planning to install CAT6 - can anyone recommend a brand/supplier ?
Running 4 x CAT6 and 2 x Coax to each TV - Coax brand/supplier ? Shouldn't need anymore than that
Planning to install ducts to run the cables in so can pull-through additional cables in the future if necessary - any comment - recommendations ?
Can the hdanywhere box control two Sky HD boxes ?
When will there be a hdanywhere 4x4 POH matrix - is it worth waiting for ?
When will there be a hdanywhere faceplate - is it worth waiting for ?
When you plug a Sonos box into the LAN does it disable the wireless signal ?
Can anyone recommend in ceiling speakers for Sonos - both budget and "mid-range" - also need single speaker for en-suite bathroom - any recommendations ?

That's a start - any help appreciated ...

Joe Fernand

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Hello emprix

I can help with some of your questions – I supply/support Octava Inc. products so can’t help out with product release schedules etc. on other brands.

CAT6 – blackbox.co.uk for GigaTrue cable and matching RJ45 connectors.

Coax – our installers use Webro.

Conduit – one option would be to run your cables alongside an empty conduit, that way you have more room within the conduit for future updates!

Multiple SKY box’s – our Octava kit has that covered 

PoC – our Octava kit has that covered and it’s definitely a big plus point 

Sonos – no, the wireless stays active as it’s used by any Sonos CR100 or CR200 controllers in the system, with Sonos ditching its own handsets possibly they will introduce the option to disable the Mesh where you are hardwiring the system!

In-ceiling speakers – budget: difficult to ‘recommend’ as most sound horrible! Mid-range: Atlantic Technology, KEF or Sonance are the usual suspects we tend to install.


PS Keep in mind Sonos have a processing delay on the ‘line-input’ so think carefully about using a Zone Player alongside a TV for ‘combined’ viewing/listening!

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Hi Emprix,

Sorry for the late reply! It deserves a good one so the guys wanted to wait for our technical team to take a look and make sure we give you the right advice.

If you are pulling new cable in and making good afterwards, then this is the perfect time to fit the right amount of cable to give you some future-proofing. A dirty word in the tech world, but running cable now is cheap, not so easy to add when you've decorated!

Daniel, out trade / Custom Install manager did professionally what you are about to undertake. So some of this is his personal recommendation.

Cat6 wise. We will shortly be offering our own cable that we've tested and certified to work with our HDBaseT products. If not ours, we recommend Excel cat6, preferably LSOH (low smoke zero halogen for building and fire regs) and it doesn't need to be shielded. Also remember to have external grade for any run that makes it outside.

Cat6 is better all round for fitting too. It takes more of a beating before breaking or suffering. Now, when it comes to plugs, cat6 is better as only some cat5 plugs will fit on cat6 cable. But you don't need cat6 hardware with the cable (patch bays, wall plates etc). Not for a residential install.

The quantities of cable are what we'd recommend as a comprehensive "rule of thumb". Perhaps over the top for the guest room, but if you can stomach it, great numbers.

Coax, just stick to some foam filled stuff (not air gap cable) and manufacturers call it various things. But WF100 or MF100 are the usual sort of part numbers.

Ducting is a difficult issue. If you can get it in and get it in right, i.e. so that cables can actually be removed / replaced, then go for it. But I'd say lay the right amount of cable and you'll not need ducting. Perhaps ducting from say low level positions (local inputs etc) that run to high level on wall TVs, yes.

The HDanywhere unit has discrete IR, so up to 4 of the same device can be controlled independently.

There will be a HDanywhere POH unit. Our receivers can now be powered by USB from the TV with our new cable. So depending on when your project lands, will depend on the current offering. I'd get the cabling in and see what we have to offer.

Sonos boxes create a "mesh" network of wired and wireless. As Joe says, it stays on regardless. But is always better wired in our experience.

In Daniel's time, he's fitted a massive range of in-ceiling speakers. It depends on budget. Anything from Sonance is good, Bowers and Wilkins are great but at the upper expense range. Try Nuvo for very very good value end speakers. All have a single stereo option. Current Audio are also quite good value.

I hope that's a good starter for ten.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Many Thanks,


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I have a dvd player in hdmi 1 and apple tv in hdmi 2

I get the tx light for the dvd player and can use the remote from another room - but the blue light for the apple tv is not coming on on the main hd anywhere box

Is there a setting on the apple tv i need to change or should the light be on.



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