HDanywhere and PS3/360 controlers


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Good morning,

I have been trawinling the forum and cant seem to find my answer so i thought i would start a thread all of my own.

I have been looking at the HDanywhere 4x4 distrobution matrix with the IR pass back but i ahve a question.

How will my PS3 and 360 controlers work? will they still have to sync and be in range of the consoles???

This is the deciding factor to if i buy the system so any help is welcome.


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As far as I understand it the PS3 controller is bluetooth and the 360 controller is 2.4Ghz wireless. They will need to be in range of the consoles. I have had good success with the range of the PS3 controller, but the range on the 360 controller is no where near as good.


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i was looking at that HDAnywhere - it seems expensive for what is is...... I want something similar to move Sky HD (mainly) about the house.


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there are a few otehr ways of doing it but from what i ahve read the HDanywhere is the best of the bunch if u jsut wanted one thing (sky HD) i think there is HDBaseT as well but it looks like its jsut a single distrobutor.

There is alway the loft box and magic eye combo?

the signal goes from the sky box to the loft box and then a coaxe lead runs to each tv and u just tune it in (as if it was a terestail channel) then use the magic eye to change channel the misses has it in her place and it works ok but the picture quality anit all that.

below is the link to the loft box thread.


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