HDanywhere 4x4. what is it all about


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Hi all,

I have been lurking in the shadows for sometime now, soaking up all the information I can about all sorts of things.
This is a few questions about the Hdanywhere 4x4 unit.
So if I have a sky HD box, a PS3, a HTPC and other connected up to this I can watch any of them in anyone of 4 other locations(hopefully I'm ok so far).

Question 1, Can I watch different sky channels on different TVs at the same time? I am assuming not, so if not, what is the point? I mean the reason for wanting to watch it on another TV would be because I dont want to watch the same thing as someone else.

Question2, If I have all these boxes tucked away somewhere will a PS3 controller be able to use the magic eye or will it need to be within range of the PS3?

I will leave it at that for the mo and see what people think. Any help is much appreciated.
This is not ment as a dig at the HDanywhere gear as I have only heard and read good things about it.

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No Matrix or Distribution Amp can magic up multiple channels from a single 'tuner' (SKY+ HD) - you will need multiple SKY box's/subscriptions if you want that functionality.

A Matrix allows you to simultaneously view the same or different Source devices on multiple Display devices.

There are various converters for IR to Bluetooth to allow you to control the PS3 over an IR connection - RE-BL X is one to Google.



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They are great tho. I don't have that one. Mines a £50 eBay jobbie (4in 2 out) and when up late watching a movie on the big screen. Press pause, switch telly off get into bed and turn telly on and press play!

As said, it's for distribution not multiplying outputs! My PS3 is in range of the 2nd tv so I can play PS3 in bed and then the Revo XBMC player is on both and controlled in bed with Iphone app over wifi!


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Thanks guys. I am still trying to plan my set up so I appreciate the help. I think multi room sky with an extra box would suit me a lot better then. Is there a product that I could split a skyHD box out put to various locations? Would Cat5e/6 be the job for this. The idea is that I can have a projector that will be mostly in the living room on a 180cm screen for movies but also allow to move it to another bigger room for many people coming over for a match(I am thinking euro 2012) and play it on a whole wall. Have you heard of this being done?

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MRTULES - There is a more cost-effective HDanywhere solution that is designed to split one HD source to multiple displays (4 or 8), with IR passback which may suit you just fine if you are content with one source. 1x4 HDMI over Dual Cat 6 Splitter with IR Passback

Pauloamore - I've had my knuckles wrapped for saying too much on here. What I have said before still applies.

What distance is it from the SkyHD box to the room where you you would temporarily have the projector and Screen ?

There are 2 other technologies you could consider for this

1. Wireless HDMI (though can be a bit flaky over large distances and not always reliable)
2. HDMI Over PowerLine where the HDMI signal is transmitted down your powercable, this would also in effect be portable as no fixed wires, and you could just move the receiver to any power socket in your house.

DO you have any COax cabling not being used in teh house ? as there are also HDMI over single COax solutions

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