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HDanywhere 1x4 HDMI over CAT6 to PC Monitor *WITH* sound?


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Hi everyone
I currently have a HDanywhere 1x4 HDMI over Cat6 Splitter Hub with IR Passback which uses twin CAT6 cables. I've had it nearly a couple of years and works fine with the three HDTVs. I've got the last set of cabling ending up in the study, which we're just decorating now. Originally I was going to put our smallest television in the study, alongside the PC monitors, so that I could have the footy on while working, then I had another (space saving) idea and I was wondering if the following set up would work. Is it possible to use a PC monitor (with HDMI input) to display the output from the Sky Box - with sound? At the moment my current monitor (which will be replaced) doesn't have speakers built in, but my understanding is that even monitors with speakers built in still need the 3.5mm jack plugged into the PC?
Is there something obvious that I'm missing, or a piece of gadgetry that would make it work?
I would have two monitors, so the PC input would go into both of them (either DVI or DisplayPort) and then the HDMI from the SkyBox would go into one of them and I could just switch input when I felt like watching tv. Alternatively (depending on the capabilities of the monitor) I could even use PIP??
I would appreciate any advice. What are your thoughts?
It will depend on the monitor the ones we use for testing definitely carry both video and sound (AOC ones) via the HDMI port. What you may be confusing it with is that some PCs with HDMI output the HDMI doesn't carry sound or it isnt enabled so users connect the 3.5mm jack.


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I did think about getting a nice 2560 resolution monitor but then I woke up out of my daydream! Probably want two 1080p resolution monitors, so maybe a couple of decent 23/24 inchers, or a couple of budget 27 inchers. I haven't finalised a budget for my new PC yet, and the budget for that will determine the graphics card/s and that in turn will determine what kind of monitors I will get. I might even just buy the one decent monitor for now, stick the small TV from the kitchen in the study as an interim, and then upgrade the monitor later on.
The goal is to get the study finished, and the new PC built in time for The FIFA World Cup... time is just so scarce these days!

Joe Fernand

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Keep in mind SKY is [email protected] in 16:9 and many ‘PC’ Monitors are 16:10 so it’s either Letter box or Stretch mode for SKY!

Ensure the HDMI or DVI Inputs support [email protected] Hz and are HDCP compliant.

As Seb says audio support will depend on what your PC is Outputting via HDMI and what the Monitor supports on its Input via HDMI (or DVI + usually stereo audio).


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