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HD67 vs HD600x


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Looking into getting my first projector and take advantage of the 3d in the new year. Main use is for games and a little bit of movie watching. Had a look at these two projectors specs and the 67 seems to have slightly higher brightness and contrast, however seems at least £100 more wherever I look.

The room I have is dedicated use with blackout blinds so not sure if the additional brightness and contrast is needed? Just wondering if there is a noticeable difference between the two and whether you should always go for model with the bigger numbers?

Also is the rainbow effect very obvious on these models, havent experienced it yet and will look to get a demo, but want to do as much research as possible before having to test out everything available.

any feedback greatly appreciated.



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I had this same decision. In the end i just got the HD600X.

After looking at the detailed specification they seemed very similar, so i doubted there would be much difference. Especially concerning brightness. Havn't used my HD600X much because it's a christmas present, but got to test it quickly once on a beige wall and once on a light brown wall, it seemed great especially for the price.

To be honest if its your first PJ i would go for the cheaper of the two, you will be MORE than happy with it i promise :)

I am just building myself a Black Widow screen right now ready in time for Christmas, and painting my projection wall black (supposed to improve perceived contrast).

Here is a picture on the beige wall.


Colors are pretty accurate of what they were in real life. This was during day with our black curtains drawn and lights off. So fairly dark but you could still easily see your way around objects in the room (look to the right of the picture in the hallway, still fairly light)- so take of it what you will. But note this is a picture from an iPhone 4, it is sharper in real life and the noise isn't there in real life either.

Yes i can see rainbow effect quite easily, but i've heard some people say they get used to it and stop noticing it. And you don't see it all the time anyway. Perhaps i am more sensitive to it, too.


I also took a quick HD video on my iPhone 4 (I keep mentioning the phone so you understand the quality isn't great :p). Bad filming on my behalf but you get the idea.

YouTube - First run of Optoma HD600X

And no thats not my permanent set up.. that was a very improvised on the fly set up to quickly check the thing was working ;)
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thanks for your honest opinion. I think you are right and am leaning towards the 600x. the extra £100 will take care of the mount and other odds and sods. I would like to see one in the flesh to see the rainbow effect, or to be honest any projector to see it. Any ideas for where to test drive one or did you buy it blind?


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I actually bought mine blind.

But there is a new Currys Megastore near me that has a small home theatre department, they were selling the HD67 for £499, and had a HD20 mounted on the ceiling with a large electric screen, however for some reason they had the screen up and a poxy 32inch TV on behind it.. why i don't know, but maybe if you find a Megastore near you they might be able to demonstrate it. I found it extremely obvious if you wave your hand quickly 1 or 2 feet infront of the lens, the rainbow is very easily visible in that case, then just look for a much less extreme version on the screen. Usually occurs on fast moving high contrast scenes.

I think most cheaper DLP projectors use the same speed 4x color wheel as the HD600X/HD67, so chances are you can tell on most cheap DLP projectors (Although i did hear the Acer 5360 had less rainbow effect than the optomas)


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Optoma usually do the same with their models HD65/700x HD67/600x HD20/200x all are effectively the same but the Themescene ones (65/67/20) are usually white with 3 yr warranty where the others are black with 1 yr warranty and £100 cheaper.

It's called marketing.:D


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They say the brightness & contrast is higher but it has not been proven.

This is similar to Epson's marketing with the 3200/3600 (and other models)where the 3600 is £300 more and there are reviews where no discernable difference can be seen.

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