HD65 - dirt inside


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I have had my Optoma HD65 for just under 2 years but over the last couple of days I have noticed what I think is the image of a hair on the screen. I have cleaned the lens of the projector but still there.
I believe Optoma UK have a 3 year warantee but I don't want to loose my projector over xmas. Does anyone know what the returns procedure is and if internal dirt is covered? Would it be worth me opening it up and seeing if I can get the hair out?

Any ideas, what option is best?



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Dirt/dust in the lens assembly is covered under Optoma's warranty, if you open it up you will void your warranty.

It may be worth using a vacuum cleaner hose over the vents or you could try giving it a blast with a can of compressed air (I should warn you that I have previously introduced more dust with this method though).


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Do not use compressed air or do so carefully as I tried it and it shorted out the electronics as before the air came out a little liquid did. Cost me £200 to repair. :/


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I have a hd33 that had same problem.it went away naturally. I used high altitude setting to spin fans faster and I could see hair moving a bit but it was still there. So I just used normally and eventually it just went away. I do believe high altitude helped a little by loosening it.

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