HD65 + 3DXL picture flashing in 3D


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I can't seem to find any answers on the owners thread so thought I'd post here. I have a problem with my the HD65 flashing (more like a blink) every 15 seconds or so when I am feeding a 3D signal to it via the 3DXL. I have a Samsung BD8500 which has a 2D-3D converter. In 2D the picture is fine (still going through the 3D converter) but when I press the 2D - 3D button the picture converts to 3D fine but the flash is there meaning it is unviewable. I am using DLP link and ZD201 glasses all synced up.

Any thoughts/advice would be most appreciated!


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Do you get the flashing shown on your HD65 when watching a true 3D bluray film or only when the Samsung player is doing a 2D to 3D conversion ?

Also what is the length of the HDMI cable you are using between the 3dxl box and your projector ?
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Will have to double check with a 3D Bluray. Yes - I'm using the bluray to convert from 2D to 3D and then feeding this via the 3DXL to the PJ. I'm using a good quality 5M HDMI cable... Any thoughts?


3d xls are stubborn things aren't they. more PC than Mac.
I have had this problem before and it was the hdmi cable.
You tried another?

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