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I bought in Poland hd600x. After 120h chip DMD failed and I send my pj to service point. When it came back I realised that it could be not me pj. Hard to explain , but I have a feeling that somebody swiched all parts inside. The serial number is the same but it shines a bit diffrent.. So I found out how to enter service menu and then I saw that my pj is a model HD6700...
Can you guys check your service menu and let me know if yours hd600x stay as a model HD6700.
To enter service menu press the {POWER} {LEFT} {LEFT} {MENU} buttons.
Anyone help?

sorry for my english

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Welcome to the Forum and don't worry about your English.

It's a lot better than some of us on here, and certainly better than my Polish! :laugh:

Sometimes a piece of equipment is beyond repair, even if new.

Perhaps your Service Centre have substituted another model, although they should have explained this to you.

Hopefully one of the experts on here can advise you further.

Good luck! :smashin:

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