HD600X dust problem


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im also having the same problem!!
tho i have a optoma hd600x, its been building up, now its like little stars :mad: every time its on.

:confused: i really need advice on how i go about cleaning the dust out???
ive contacted the office of optoma! but they what to charge big bucks, and i had to save for a while to get the unit itself. :( any help on the matter would be great!

thanks for your time :)
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I'd be really interested to hear some advice on this issue, I seem to have dust in my HD65, from what I can tell it's on the inside of the lens and seems to scatter the light just a little. It's not noticable until you get a very dark picture of viewing in widescreen with a black portion at the top and bottom, its just damned distracting !

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