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I recently smashed my Sony hd5 and the insurance company say it will cost £375.05 to repair (yea right i bet someone has now got my hd5, it only needed a new screen!) so they are sending me £199.99 of Argos vouchers, i am going to have to find a new sony so will have to get the nwa-3000 a few questions?

1. The 20 gig black one is cheeper, why is that, i like the look of it, is it cheeper because the display is different, ie not colour? why is it cheeper?
2. Is the battery removable, like the hd5?
3. Will my rm-mc40elk remote be compatable, ie will i have the full display on the remote like the hd5 to avoid having to take the player out my pocket?
4. Are the software issue's resolved, or should i stick with sonic stage 4?
5. Should i wait for the next model, is their a new model in the pipeline?

Cheers for your feedback and helping me determing what to do? how i miss my hd5?


since SS 4.0 is the latest version of the series stick with it. The nw-a3000 comes with connect software, but unless you want to use the download service it serves a better purpose as a frisbee, it doesnt do that to well though.........

P.S you have to carry out a firmware update before you can use SS 4 with the nw-a3000


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Who knows when the new models will arrive (back when I was in the same emergency-player-replacement situation, the bloke in the Sony shop tried to disuade me from buying on the grounds that there was a new player on the way. That was April or May).

Not been disappointed with my NWA3000 (except when I see some lucky bloke with an HD5 and go a bit green). Apart from being stuck with the 20GB or 20GB options (and being out of luck on the changeable battery and probably using your old remote), the NWA3000 is probably as good as you'll get, if you want to stick with Sony for the music-playback-is-everything minimalism and you can live with the software. And they do look so cool in any colour but especially black...

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