HD4670 Problem in Vista Media Center Live TV


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Are there any other HD4670 users out there using Vista Media Center and can't watch Live TV for more than a few minutes without the video going black or (more commonly) looping about 5 frames of video over and over again? The sound will continue playing fine. To correct it, I either have to stop and start the video or do a restore down and up on the VMC window.

Any users with a HD4670 and Vista Media Center and perfectly OK with Live TV?

I just upgraded to a Powercolor HD4670 and installed latest ATI drivers 8.10. The 8.10s are the only version supporting the HD4670 as it's so new so please don't ask me to try an earlier version of the drivers :) I already tried the 8.9s to find out the hard way...

I live in the UK, so don't know if this is PAL-centric or not. I can't find any other reports of anyone with this issue but the card is so new I don't see many people with one.

All other video plays back fine, including mkv files and regular DVDs (also MPEG-2).

I'm tempted to blat the entire system and reinstall minus the TV Pack in case it's that. I have some none-wtv files from earlier recordings and although I thought I'd found the problem it seems dvr-ms files are affected in the same way.

Windows Vista 32-bit (TV Pack 2008)
Core2Duo E6600
Intel D975 XBX
Auzentech Xi-Fi Prelude
Powercolor HD4670 (512Mb)
2 x 1Gb Corsair DDR2 PC6400 4-4-4-15
1 x WinTV Nova-T 500
2 x SATA Samsung 250Gb
1 x SATA Seagate 1Tb


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I'm running an Asus EAH4670 with VMC without issues, Live, recorded, dvd and HD. Both the original drivers and the latest Catalyst work, cloned Vga and Hdmi at 1080p60. Haven't tried it with the TV pack, but SP1 and fully patched. So maybe it is possibly a Tv pack issue. I can't remember for sure but I think it does use a different decoder.


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In general it’s perfectly fine. The Asus fan noise was a bit of a problem so I removed it. It's not really passive, there is a 120 over the card slots to shift the air, it keeps it around 45 at idle and around 55 at load. This is about what it was prior to the fan removal. Obviously with the lower power requirements it runs a lot cooler than the 48xx series and with the fan a lot quieter. It's not going to run Crysis at any great rate but it’s a good general workhorse and HTPC card, Vista assesses 5.9 for general and 5.8 for games. Clone mode works straight off the bat from boot, a welcome change from Nvidia and the control panel is very responsive, also unlike Nvidia (under clone). Occasionally it will lose clone or switch the resolution if the TV is brought in whilst the system is coming out of S3, but in general better than Nvidia. Let it get to VMC first and the problem doesn't usually occur. Picture wise it does seem to make a difference which screen is the primary, with the hdmi being the better choice. Catalyst drivers for some reason like to underscan the DVi/Hdmi connection, I think its 10%, easily correctable but initially an annoyance. Initially I had a couple of evil crashes with the Ati drivers, however I blame left over drivers from the Nvidia or other installs for this. The last two weeks on a clean build hasn't shown any re-occurrence. From a colour point of view it seems to be only be sending video levels from the Hdmi, so whilst TMT appears correct, I think some compression is going on for the desktop and general VMC displays. That may well be correctable via some registry mods, but I've yet to try.


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After using the reg tweak at TGB post, the Live TV issue has now gone, so for me it's definitely the TV Pack that's the issue and it's new decoder.

At least I have a workaround until ATI get the driver sorted. I opened a case with them and put some comments on their Catalyst Crew Feedback page.

I got the Powercolor HD4670, the fan on it is silent. The blu-ray playback looked fine and under PowerDVD the CPU useage was around 10 to 15%, much lower than using the X1900XTX.

The smearing I experienced on the video has all but gone (when turned off in the CCC). It's only low bitrate stuff (Virgin/Dave channels spring to mind) where the smearing is noticeable. Some of that is likely inherent in the plasma panel though.

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