hd4530 graphics card and 3d signal


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this may be a silly question but i have searched and cannot find a post, i have a hd 4530 in my laptop and hd 4850 graphics cards in my pc, can they push 3d signals to my 42LW650T ?

i can put through a normal blu ray signal and i have a 3d blu ray player but i have a few files on my computer that i want to push through the tv and i havent the cash for a blu ray burner at present

Can this be done ?



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Does the HD 4530 have a 1.3a or 1.4 HDMI out? If it does then it may work (card performance dependent) but I think you may need a 5 or 6 series card to have high speed HDMI 1.3a out. Check out the birates of the different HDMI specs on wiki (or from a more reliable source). ;)
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Trying to play 3D on a PC successfully is a pain!
I have given up.

Why not put it on a USB flash or harddisk and play directly in the TV (or BD player) USB port?

If the movie audio is DTS (likely) you can convert the audio easily and freely if all you want to do is to play the FEW files you have.
If you have many files you want to play it will pay to invest on a HD media player. It costs more than a BD burner then you can be sure it will play almost 100% of your files while it may not play in your BD player.

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