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HD3!! oh my god, it's SonicStage


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:confused: OK, this thread may result in a fix for me or it may result in a warning to
all new SonicStage users out there!

I received my Sony HD3 for my birthday a couple of weeks ago (I know, I know
and it's her birthday soon so I guess I'll be upping that credit limit). I
have about 460 albums none of which have been converted to MP3 or Atrac
format and I wanted to put my entire collection on the walkman. To speed up
the process, I set-up a network of four computers all running SonicStage and
ripping CD's simultaneously (in format ATRAC3+ 64K). After about 24 hours of
constant ripping, I transferred all the folders and files to my main
computer where I intended to upload the tracks to the device. I cleared down
the Music Library and re-iImported all the folders (so not to get duplicates
in the Library). The process of importing all 460 albums into SonicStage's
Music Library took about 30 Minutes which I thought was pretty acceptable
considering the amount of data we were looking at. This was all fine, until
it came to uploading the tracks to the device.

It appears that it will not upload any of the tracks that were ripped on the
other three computers because of No Copywrite Information with the tracks.
The real pain is that I can't even find a log file anywhere telling me which
files it has or hasn't loaded. I was given a message window listing all the
tracks it couldn't transfer but it was just that, a list of tracks without
any reference to album or artist and once I'd clicked ok, it was gone. I now
have about half of what I ripped on the player. The task ahead to ascertain
what I need to rip again, together with another weekend spent popping CDs in
and out is quite unthinkable!

I guess my questions are:

1) Am I right in saying that you cannot load tracks onto the device that
have not been ripped by the same computer as the one doing the upload or is
there a registry hack to get round this?

2) Is there any SonicStage for Dummies documentation which advises on the
important limitations of the software?

3) Doesn't Sony read these forums!!

Thanks People


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if by chatting live you mean waiting 5 mins between replies then yes, you are chatting live.

their typing and promptness is not up to speed.

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