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HD3, further to Kai's review. Great player!

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by JJ VDUB, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. JJ VDUB


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    Got my PC working, got use to the player and ss 2.3 and now is all good!

    Some advice on things I have noticed. You can make play lists!!! (well sort of)

    First, you may not realise that the 'Albums' view in the player is created from what is labelled in the 'track > Proprties' under 'Source' which if loaded from a CD will be the Album name.

    The 'Group' view on the Player is driven by the Album name is SS but is not the same as the album view when on the player.

    Provided your 'Source' field is correctly updated for all tracks as the album name you can make a play list.

    When connected to SS. Go to the group menu, create new group. title it whatever you like, "Playlist1" Now simply drag and drop whatever songs you want into this group folder.

    Disocnnect your player. When you enter the group view you can play all the drag/dropped file in the Playlist1 group together. Howerver in 'Album' or Artist view the tracks are still listed correctly. This does not duplicate tracks for storage purposes on the player.

    In my view although not as good as actual play lists this is a useful alternative.

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