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Hi im trading my 60Gb 360 for a Arcade 4GB next week to save cost.I am buying a bigger HD later.I have two questions i hope someone can answer : Is there a official 500GB Xbox Slim HD for sale or in the pipeline?And secondly , if i add a HD do i have to remove the Flash storage in the Arcade console , or format it ? Thanks.


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Hi I think the maximum genuine hard drive size is 320gb, and the 4gb flash storage is not removable it is built into the console. It acts as a flash drive and appears on the dashboard as a flash drive but cannot be taken from the console. I had a 20gb pro model which broke so I bought the 4gb and put the 20gb inside it, been working fine for over a year. Plenty of videos on YouTube which show you how to install hard drives from an old console to a new one.
What do you need 500gb for anyway?!

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