HD Xbox gaming queory, (sorry if its in the wrong section)



Ok so im buying one for my Xbox 360 mainly and also to watch tv (sky mainly) and ive heard lots of different viewpoints and things that you "need to check first" , like 1080 i or 1080 p or whole hd or complet hd and ratio of no less than "x" .

Would someone be kind enough to write a brief list of the main points that are possibly going to effect the standard of HD gaming via my 360 , and what i need to ask about when i go to buy one from a store. What do i need to have , what is optional and what is useless but usually tried to sell as important?

I have a budget of around £800 maybe more for a great deal but preferably less if anyone wants to make any suggestions of models, cheers all.
ill be watching it from a distance of aroun 3-4 metres if that helps and im not fussed over LCD or Plasma, mainly as i dont know which is best - all the reviews seem to contradict themselves! (clarifcation would be nice!)


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You don't really need any specifics, you can buy any HDTV really, Im guessing your xbox is not an elite? - therefore you should definetley make sure you have COMPONENT inputs on your new TV .... you don't really need to worry about 720/1080 side of things, the xbox will output both...


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