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I need some help and advice please
I have a panasonic TM10 camcorder using the SD Card.
When I use the supplied HD Writer the picture freezes every few seconds and the audio is out of sink.
I have tried everything but can't cure the problem.
If I play back on the camcorder it is perfect, if I put the SD card in the TV it is fine.
I downloaded Splash Lite but how do I get the SD card into it, can I edit the video, add pictures and music.
The video was recorded in the highest spec on the camcorder.
Thanks in anticipation


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What kind of spec is your computer?
To play back AVCHD you'll need at least a core duo, and probably a quad core, or better. Less than that and I'm afraid you'll struggle with playback, and certainly with any editing.


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What spec is your computer? it may be struggling to play the file off the sd card or folder on your hard drive. You need a good video card and fast processor to edit video successfully especially if your recording in best quality.

I have a six core processor and a fast graphics card and HD video is still choppy in the editing suite, once its rendered however it plays fine in windows media player etc.


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Thanks for the replies.
I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, Windows XP home edition, service pack 3, Intel R, Pentiom[R] M, Processor 1.6gz
0.99 Ram. Afraid I don't understand Duo/Quad Core.
Is it possible to use 'Windows Moviemaker' to edit my video. I am familiar with it from my previous camcorder.
best regards


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I'm afraid you stand no chance with AVCHD footage on that machine.

If you are intending to edit from your TM10 on that computer, you will need to convert your High Definition video to standard definition (DVD quality).

HD Writer should give you the option to convert to mpeg2 -although IIRC, there was a bug which made it 4:3 instead of 16:9 using AE1.5. Hopefully that's fixed by now.

If not, try using the 'Free HD converter 1.7' from the 'video tools' section on this site : Koyote Soft and select the DVD preset.

Unfortunately, using either option will take a while for the conversion using that processor.

If you do want to keep and edit your HD, as HD, then I'm afraid it's a new computer!!

Might be a good idea to use HD Writer to import and save your footage for future use. HD Writer imports the whole file structure, so you can write back to the card, for replay in the camera, if you want.


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Thank you for the replies, now using 3 ghz computer and began editing from an sd card [TM10 camcorder]
1 Can I add music to the final video with AE Writer 1.5
2 Is there a better writer I can buy that will, edit, add titles, transitions, photo's and music to the video.
I used moviemaker on last Camcorder [Sharp VH1] and was pleased with the final outcome.
Sorry to be a pain, but your help is much appreciated.


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Ive been using SONY VEGAS Movie studio HD platinum suite and really cant fault it, It does everything you can think of. Could not reccommend it highly enough.

You can actually use it free for a month to see if you like it, full trial version available from the website.

All the best


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Unable to import from panasonic tm10 into vegas despite spending 2hrs trying, is it me ?
thanks for getting back


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Have you tried importing them to your computer then into vegas from there?

What kind of errors are you getting? Do you get an error message and how are you trying to import them.

Apologies for taking a while to reply i've been away all of this week on a course with no internet access.



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Older graphics hardware or drivers was displayed when I downloaded the 30day trial version of vegas.
It said update hardware or drivers to a version that supports directx 7.0 or higher.
I am back to my 1.6ghz laptop now and Rogs said I have no chance with this machine, I have edited the video on my panasonic tm10 camcorder and taken good pictures from the video onto the sd card.
I had mastered 'Moviemaker' with my old camcorder so am disappointed not to be able to do the same with the TM10.
Perhaps Santa will bring me a new 'capable' laptop.
Thank you for taking the trouble for me.


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directx 8 was around in 2001, so if you are pre-directx 7 I should imagine your equipment is over 10 years old, or at least your drivers are. Drivers are very easy to update

heres Directx 9.0c if you want it

Download DirectX 9.0c (full package) - the latest version of Direct X

This isnt the latest version but I doubt your graphics card would support any higher than 9.0c

If you can find out what your graphics card is I can point you to the updated drivers for that too

Hope you get it all sorted out.
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