HD vs SD.



I went into a couple of stores yeaterday and saw brilliant HD footage.. ie the stuff that they show as HD.

Q1) Is this the quality of all HD material.

There was also DVD footage with Scart cable. This was good without being great. I'd say it could be 20% better.

Q2) Now would the pq of HD material on the PWD8 SD panel be closer to that HD picture I was watching or closer to the DVD picture.

Q3) Is there anywhere I can see the PWD8 panel vs a HD TV, both showing HD material? ie just to visually see the difference.

My thinking is that the pwd8 is gonna show SD material better eg bbc1 and ITV.

Therefore if there isnt that much difference in the HD stuff (between and SD and HD screen) - then the preferred strategy is to go for the pwd8.


not sure about rest of the post but i do know that most store show HD material off a hard drive and use collosal badwidth to do it.

i went for the hitachi 42pd7200 and am very happy with it HOWEVER

when watching sky+ all the high intrest channels such as sky sport, sky one ect. the pic is pretty good.

but when it comes to the low bit rate channels such as extreme sports chanel these big high def displays rely show the floors in the broadcast that i could see on parents 28" sony crt.

i would advise that if you watch alot of normal tv ( such as itv/bbc) then i would go to the store and ask to see both the HD and SD displays showing say ITV.

also have a think, are you are AV nut that has to have all the latest gadgets.
if you are think can you live knowing there is something a little better out there.

a friend of mine bought a SD tv and now wants to sell to get a HDTV:rotfl: and 2nd hand plasma prices are shocking:eek:


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I have got a panny pw7 (SD) and a panny PHD8 (HD) both have an xbox 360 hooked up to them. I had a 360 with the PW7 first and the pq is fantastic with both games and downloaded 720p movie trailers. Now i have a 360 with the PHD8 i have to say the PQ is even more stunning, detail, colour, sharpness without being artificial it is an amazing image.
With std def I reckon both are very close, in fact at one stage I would have said the PW7 was marginally better, but as I've added hours to the PHD8 I now think that it may be slightly better. However, I may be 'imagining' that, but either way they are damn close with SD (both have sky+ connected). Of course a scaler may well change things, but I don't use one.


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Well just tested this out on Narnia, 720p on both the PW7 and PHD8. Whilst the PW7 does look really good, even at 10 feet away you can still see more detail in the PHD8 (I managed to pause it in exactly the same place on both screens). I can't get a photo to do this justice, but my wife even sees a difference.


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I too was facing the PHD8 vs PWD8 dilemma. In the end I picked up a very good condition pwd6 on the classified pages here. For those who are looking to save a bit of money and wait for HD to become a bit more established I can recommend the classified pages here especially for extras such as stands and leads which all very quickly manage to up the cost!!!



Thanks guys.

Think I will go down the pwd8 route for now. Totally ignore HD. Theres no point mixing and matching HD with SD in terms of amps and the like.

In a couple of years when the HD market has settled down ie the DVD dispute has been sorted - sky are charging a reasonable price - the ps3 will be out and BBC/ITV will have HD material - amps will do hdmi switching at reasonable prices - i can get a separate Total HD system and move SD to another room.

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