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up till now ive been struggling to edit my HD videos ive recorded off tv, 1080i h.264 files. if i try and fast forward or scroll through using say, Sony vegas, adobe premiere, or videoredo, i can't fast forward smoothly in the same way that i can with an SD file
(when i say 'fast forward smoothly', i mean for it to be able to fast forward whilst still showing all the frames, like pressing fast forward on a VHS tape in a VCR)

ive just bought myself the following:
i7 950 cpu
6gb 1600mhz memory
gigabyte ud3r rev2 mobo
SSD 60gb OCZ vertex 2E (Read 285MB/s, Write 275MB/s)
ATI 1gb 5850 gpu
windows 7 64bit

so my question is - will the above allow me to fast forward smoothly through a 1080i video as if it was an SD video?

my current system is an E6600 dual core, 2gb memory, XP 32bit. it can fast forward through SD stuff fine, not HD.


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Hi Hiohaa,

Seems adequate to me, and should do the job. But, is the Vertex the only disk in your system? 60 gigs seems to be a bit on the small side...

In fact, I believe the E6600 machine should be able to handle HD material, but it probably has a too little memory right now, WIndows 7 64bit would help also, but I don't know what video you have on that one.

A few tips for installing your new system (you probably already know, but anyway):

- Make sure you get all the recent drivers for it
- Try to avoid installing all the extra goodies that you can live without
- Instruct your virus scanner not to scan the folder that contains your video files


John Lewis

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Now just add Edius Neo Booster and you will have a great set up and i would put 2 drives in (1 for video)

John Lewis

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If your budget allows then get full version of Edius, Edius 6 is out on October 20th, purchasers of Edius 5.5 now get a free upgrade to 6 (see Grass Valley) Edius beats all others hands down on AVCHD handling your machine will give you 3 to 4 streams playback in real time and files do not need converting to another codec, output off timeline to DVD or blue ray with chapter (generated on Time line)


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Edius beats all others hands down on AVCHD handling
i would have said the same til premiere cs5 - this with an nvidia mercury enabled graphics card seems to handle avchd even better than edius (admitedly i only have neo booster to compare with)

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