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I currently have satellite access to Hotbird 13 East, Astra 19.2 And 28.2.

If i were to buy a FTA HD box NOW, what would i receive?


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Does this mean there is something on Sky already a demo or something?


Stephen Neal

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Sky and the BBC are both running HD tests/loops at 28.2/28.5 AIUI.

Both are using MPEG4 not MPEG2 for video - and AIUI Sky are using DVB-S2 not DVB-S.


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Can this be picked up on a skystar 2 or is that just MPEG2?

Wht is the differnce between S and S2. Are there any current receivers that can decode this.

I have just modded and recommissioned my gregorian motorised dish after being stuck on one satellite for 2 years since the motor went so would like to see as much HD material as possible


Stephen Neal

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In theory a budget DVB-S card will be able to receive MPEG2 and MPEG4 video carried via DVB-S - as it is the PC that decodes the video, not the card. There have been people reporting various levels of success decoding MPEG4 with VLC or the Elecard stack.

However if they are using DVB-S2 this won't work, as it is a different actual modulation system compared to DVB-S - the data is encoded on the RF carriers using a different technique. AIUI there are no current DVB-S2 PC cards widely available.

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