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Hd Tv.


Standard Member
ok now, i have just purchased a Sony Bravia 40s3000 LCD HD tv,
connected it all up to my V+ box via HDMI lead, not quite as easy as i thought it would be but after a while and numerous setting tests got it working OK.
So went after some HD content and............. WOW the blue planet etc .. what can i say it was awsome,,,,, however some sd channels are ok but the picture is not brill.. my kids watch the Disney channel not so good ... sky sports football very good,, setanta sport rubbish ... so am i to beleive that even though you have a HD tv... a V+ or equiv box ,, HDMI link up...the picture will only be as good as the quality at what you receive it ??? and the amount of people who have got a HD tv but are not watching any !!!!! HD content cos they aint got a HD box is amazing... after some friends came round at Xmas and saw my picture they were gobsmacked.. cancelled SKY and ordered Virgin.. so wats my beef you may ask....
well its like this ... people are being suckered in to buying a HD tv without understanding the real facts !! like you need a HD box... connect via HDMI...
the amount of people i refer to this site is amazing...all the talk about HD Tv by the media etc is confusing the ordinary less able buyer in to paying for something that they may never see at its true potentila...
all TV;s should come with a health warning..


Standard Member
Fair point, Aldinho. But surely there is hardly any HD content on VM, is there?

I really wanted Sky but they just can't find a place where the dish can see the satellite. Had VM for years, probably about to upgrade to V+, but the thing holding me back is that there is so little HD content - or is there?


Well-known Member
I think they just reached 100 hours of on-demand content, beyond that it's just BBC HD which has been a disappointment since they ok'd it to go on as a proper channel.

One of my top reasons for leaving VM was the lack of HD, there is no chance I would go to sky with the prices they currently charge for it though.


the upscaling via the hdmi connection of SD content has made it worthwhile for me as the picture is superb on all major channels and is considerably better than before.

in many cases its near hd quality

The Gooner

Active Member
PQ on some channels is excellent but for me only on BBC and ITV chans. Most of the time BBC HD is outstanding but there are occasions when that is crap due to them putting non HD material on it.

Sky Sports is also good and I agree with the op setanta is so unbelievably crap it is embarrassing.

The PQ will always depend on the signal being fed in and VM do like to compress alot.


Standard Member
Agree as not a load of HD content but when you see a HD programm it is very very good, the point is when you go to Comet,Hughes etc , see the 40" tv linked to a HD box or a HD dvd player very very nice,,,, get it home and not so nice ,, then its a case of ... oh you need a HD box sir.... or you need to get this gold plated encased HDMI lead ... which will only cost you >>>>>>> £ 90.00 and that is a mid range one... Comet go up to £199.00 yes .... sireee for a HDMI lead...had a very interesting discussion with a Hughes employee who beleive it or not ??? would not and i repeat NOT give me a written guarantee that the £70.00 HDMI lead he was trying to flog me , would give me a better picture than the £17.00 i currently had,, now what a suprise.. now i got mine for £17.00 and £16.00 ... they do a very nice job... also you can get leads on line for as little as £7.00 ....as you can read on this forum leads are a rip off. but for the less able person its a case of yes please cos i want a good picture....
hopefully this year we will see a lot more HD content on VM and then the stranglehold that SKY currently have will be released...


Active Member
Check out the first two seasons of Lost in TV Choice on Demand High Definition - pretty stunning. Also, watch out for repeats (and there are plenty of them :() on BBC HD of Earth: Power of the Planet, Galapagos, Cranford, Bleak House - all show off HD at its finest!

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