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Hey, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section or if this has been asked a million times before but here goes...

Recently purchased a HDTV and have a Sky+ HD box (but don't have the HD package, just the movies, sky sports etc..)

Am I right in saying that I can still use a HDMI lead as the feed from the Sky+ HD Box to the TV ?

Currently using a Scart lead from the Sky+ HD Box to the TV Scart and the picture isnt the best...

Also would the HDMI lead pick up the sound too or would I need them audio cables too? - Overall would I get a better picture from the HDMI rather than a scart?



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Hiya, I have exactly the same setup as you, HDTV, Sky+HD Box and like you I do not subscribe to the HD Channels but do watch those that come free. My TV is connected to the Sky Box with an HDMI cable and everything works like a dream. I would suggest that you buy a decent quality HDMI cable though, although I really don't think that you need pay the earth for one. Hope this helps.


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Hey thanks yeh just box is now connected to the TV via HDMI, the Sky GUI like the TV guide etc seems a lot sharper and crisper, not sure about the actual channels, I dont know it might just be my imagination lol but yeah its connected fine through HDMI, thanks again.

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