HD TV - Don't believe the Hype!!


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Just got myself a digital DVD recorder and I am now viewing "Gob-smacking 1080i images". :thumbsup: :devil: :) :thumbsup:

"What's the problem ?" you ask. :confused:

There are very few true HD broadcasts, yet 85% of the programing is classed as HD. In actual fact 90% of the HD broadcast are upscaled analogue transmissions....most still being 4:3, movies are 16:9 but not DD or DTS. :(
The next problem is, HDMI only allows 480i,480p or 1080i - which I can understand as the TV broadcasts are 1080i. My PJ is 720p native and accepts 1080i, the thing is the recorder only gives me 480p as it accesses the PJ and determines what it can handle so if you want 1080 you need a native panel size - be warned!! :(

So too watch 1080 I am back to component - why did I pay the 'dosh' for HDMI, I ain't ever going to use it! I am going to take the recorder back and try establishing if the other brands will also fail to run at 1080 via HDMI into my PJ, if they do then I will go for a component only machine- but will be 'sorely' disappointed! :(

The recorder is a Sony RDZ-D5 ,250gb with built in satelite and terestial digital decoders.It has 'Auto' firmware upgrade - already received one via ariel. Upscales external sources and analogue TV to HD, also does DVDs but haven't managed to get it working!! The LAN line allows for interactive TV but also has a modem. Accepts HDV from camcorders and has gold coated terminals. The 'XMB' menu system is very 'trick'. :cool:

What I would say is that my Momitsu produces far better upscaled images, in fact I would say it gives a very close approximation to how true 1080 looks. Its not as sharp or has the punch of the TV stuff but the detailing is certainly on par. :smashin: The Sony also crops the image by about 10 pixels on the bottom and 7 on the top, have also noticed straight vertical lines being 'convex' in shape - very off putting! :eek:

The lesson to be learned: :lesson:

Don't be surprised to find that your 'lovely' BD and HD discs are just upscaled versions of 480p onto that format - also what are you going to record thats so important to be put on a HD disc, will your favourite soap be broadcast in 1080i? I am hoping that the world cup will be! Whats the point!! Just get an upscaling DVD player that does 1:1 mapping and save you hard earned dosh!

Will try out a Sharp DV-HRD30 then a Panasonic DMR - EX100, if I get no joy then will end up with a Hitachi DV-DH 250T.

Will keep you posted :rolleyes:


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I dont understand why 720p doesnt work. Theres no reason it shouldnt.
What 1080i stuff are you watching exactly? In your profile it says you are in Tsukuba, does that mean you are in Japan?

If so then I understand how you feel about available content in Japan as it is in fact very poor.

And yes, all the content is boradcast in 1125i (1080i in Japan)

If you ask me, content wise the US is much better as they actualy have stuff worth watching.

The recorder you have, can it actually record HD picture? It might not be able to hence the fact that it records at 525p.

There are only a few propper HD recoreders in Japan, those being the Blu Ray recoreders from sony, panasonic and sharp.

Unless you have one of those, its unlikely you will be able to record in propper HD.

Also, the quality of HD in japan can varie a great deal. Some chanels like BS HI seem to be better quality than other shows on other HD chanels.

If you ask me, Its better to get a 1080p panel and wait for propper blu ray and HD DVD as well as the 360 and PS3.


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I'm a bit confused, I've had a look at that dvd recorder and nowhere does it state it's supposed to be able to play or record high def.

richard plumb

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location: Tsukuba

Maybe the model numbers are shared, but AFAIK, the Japanese recorder being referred to is supposed to upscale everything it does via the HDMI socket.

Of course SD stuff upscaled like that can't be compared to 'proper' HD, but thats a separate issue.


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The RDZ-D5 does record/play HD onto the HDD in DR mode. It also records HD from HDV camcorders onto the HDD, but doesn't make HD discs.

Because it is not recognizing my TH-AE500 as being HD capable it is not giving me the option to upscale DVD video or DVDs that I have copied from the HDD. The HDMI menu should come up with 4 display options, the front panel of the player also has a display option button.

I have also discovered that through component/d-link that it wont send a 720p signal to the PJ but does send a 1080i one :confused:

I am in the throws of talking with Sony in the hope that they can make a 'software' upgrade to get my PJ working - disabling the auto scan and giving a manual option should work!

The only kind of stimulant I am on here is 'SUNSHINE' :D :D :D

Some of the best HD pictures are golf matches, the Tsuchiura all Japan fireworks competition was good but 'duff' camera work!!

Since Sony have been unable to rectify the HDMI problem, I moved onto a Sharp DV-HRD30 which was a more compact design (external power unit) and the component picture had "richer" colours and the sound had more "punch" with "jaw dropping" surround effects maybe due to the lack of interference coming from an onboard power unit. But it had to go back - the HDMI port has a fault so I have now ended up with the last of my three choices, a Panasonic DMR-EX100-s and everything is working fine HDMI picture wise and upscaling DVDs. The only problem just now seems that when using HDMI I can't get digital sound from the optical out for tuner transmissions but does work for DVDs!! Will ask my wife to investigate further when she gets home.
Although it is the least spec'd machine(doesn't even have an i-link) the DVD playback appears to be the best, a very detailed picture indeed! The colours look very neutral and will take a while to get used to after watching the Sharp.


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One of those pics, the 3rd one from the left, shows it as using "D3" which is in fact 720p. (D4 would be 1080i and D5 1080p.)
It looks like it does use it.

I also live in Japan, and the content here is so pi55 poor I dont even bother turning my HD Tuner on anymore.
I just download HD content from the US, in ".TS" format in either 720p or 1080i.

The quality of these downloads on my PC monitor or Plasma is miles better than any "Hi Vision" crap they show in Japan. And to be honest the programing is much better.

Japan is a bit weird. They have all that technology, really good equipment, and they dont bloody know how to use it! :rolleyes:

Step into any shop and the staff are clue-less.

Even shows that are from the US like 24 that are popular here, are only upscaled from SD to HD and shown on these HD channels. It looks terrible :rolleyes: .

I dont understand why either, 24 is now filmed in HD and shown in HD in the US. WHY dont they just show the same source in Japan?

Stay away folks. It wont be long before you get yours in the EU so be patient.

Im leaving this dump soon enough! :devil:


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AML said:
One of those pics, the 3rd one from the left, shows it as using "D3" which is in fact 720p. (D4 would be 1080i and D5 1080p.):

Don't ask me why but D3 is 1125i and D4 is 750p. Just confirmed it again looking at the table that Panasonic & Sony print.

D1 525i (480i)
D2 525p (480p)
D3 1125i(1080i)
D4 750p (720p)

Like you I aslo get "*!ssed off" about there lack of implementing new technology in the home market! To many years of telling the people what they want rather than asking what they want! Also no one seems to have the ability or desire to complain - shops shudder when I walk in as I don't hold back when it comes to 'pap'!


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AML said:
Even shows that are from the US like 24 that are popular here, are only upscaled from SD to HD and shown on these HD channels. It looks terrible :rolleyes: .

I dont understand why either, 24 is now filmed in HD and shown in HD in the US. WHY dont they just show the same source in Japan?
Fox charge more fo HD version than SD version would be my guess.


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