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HD TV and PVR combo

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by carnelian, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. carnelian


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    General advice please. :lease:

    I am replacing all my AV Kit with little knowledge and need your advice after a days of research.

    Am after a LCD TV - decided HD TV was good. Question is which combo to go for:

    LDC TV with freeview (philips or samsung), PVR x 1 tuner (HUMAX or Toppy), DVDR/ VCR combo (digital - found panasonic) or
    LCD TV no freeview (toshiba), PVR x2 tuner (as above waiting for 9200), dvdr/vcr combo no digital.

    I am not sure if I REALLY need the DVDR/VCR digital combo unit as not having digital does seem to give more choice in models (and be cheaper). IS it really a poor idea? Also not sure of the point of getting a pvr/dvd combo when will have a pvr.

    I want to record TV for timeslip and the odd movie (to go on DVD) and also slowly phase out existing Videos by transferring to DVD or play to they die. So hope I can connect the dvd/vcr to the PVR and both units to the tv - is this possible? I assume it is if if the dvd/vcr and the TV have two scart sockets each. Is this correct?

    Any advice gratefully accepted as am now quiet confused as to whats out there and also disappointed by lack of knowledge in the stores! Also have no friends who are this into it!

    Many thanks for your advice. Cheers! :smashin:

    A :confused:

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