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I currently have:

65" Plasma Panasonic TX-P65ST50B
Denon 4311 AVR
Oppo 103 player
3 x M&K IW150 fronts, 2 x K4 rears
18" Fi DIY sealed sub

I would like to upgrade my TV to a 4K OLED. I understand that I will need to upgrade both my receiver and player.

I would like to keep the 5.1 affair, I have tried 6.1 and it ruined the rear separation. I do have a false wall where I guess I could fit some front heights but it's not a big ambition of mine (it would mean permanently cutting into a wall and if I didn't like the result it would leave a mess).

So continuing to use 5.1, will I notice much difference in sound playing UHD/4k discs over what I have at the moment (standard Bluray / Dolby-TrueHD / DTS-HD) ?

What should I look for a new receiver to include for my purposes?

Also, just to say that watching Game of Thrones, I tried Dolby Atmos 7.1 and it did not sound as good (to my ears) as the 5.1 option. I mention this in case a 4k receiver can only stream in 7.1 or whatnot?

Many thanks.


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The audio you'd get in association with UHD discs would basically be the same audio you are currently getting with your current setup. The main formats are still Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio. The soundtracks may in some instances include Atmos or DTS:X metadata, but this was also the case with HD Blu-ray. You'd be better equipped to acces Atmos in association with streaming services though. The ssrvices that include Atmos are more inclined to onclude it in association with 4K UHD video content than the HD video content. Atmos would be packaged with Dolby Digital PLus (DD+) in association with those streaming services that include it and packahed in association with Dolby TrueHD on the discs that include Atmos.

A 5.1 AVR would not be able to handle or portray Atmos, but if using a 7.1 or more channel Atmos enabled receiver inclusive of Dolby Virtual Height processing only configured with a 5.1 setup, you'd get Atmos via viry=tual representations of the height speakers. Both a 5.1 AVR or a 7.1 or more channel AVR with only a 5.1 configuration would include the ability to access 7.1 encoded sources. The AV receiver would automatically downmix the back surrounds into the surrounds in such instances.

Sessen Ryu

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Many thanks for clearing that up - much appreciated.

So I just need an AVR which will deal with 4K video, and room correction. My speakers are also 4 ohm (I did appreciate the Audessey XT32).

The Denon X3500H looks like a good contender? Any other suggestions would be very welcome.

I've had about 3 Denon AVRs so far, never tried anything else. Will I notice an improvement in sound quality over my Denon 4311? The 4311 was a flagship model I believe, but about 8 years older than the X3500H.


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Comparable Marantz models would be a good choice is wanting the exact same features and abilities, but with a different audio signature. The Marantz models are often praised for their presentation of stereo music sources, something the Denon models don't do very well.

I'd be looking at the Denon ARX4500 or the Marantz SR7013? There's also the Marantz Sr6013 which is basically the same as the AVRX3500, but with the Marantz design, signature sound and just a small porthole display.I'd suggest the SR7013 due to the display. The SR7013 still has the porthole display, but also another full sized display concealed beneath a drop down panel on its front fascia,

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