HD Streamer with upscaling DVD player?


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I accidently posted in another forum, and thought it more approperiate to post here :)

I currently have a Linksys DMA2200 in my bedroom which is not a bad streamer at all (its a media extender). It plays most of my main file types (Xvids/avis) but has an occasional issue with a few.
It requires a PC to be switched on and the menus can get a bit sluggish.The box is also region locked to USA which is a PITA :(

Im looking for something new for the lounge now, which isnt a media extender, but like the Linkysys, will stream media extremely well and contain at minimum an upscaling dvd player.
It would need to HDMI output if possible.

I've looked at the PCH-110 and they look really great, except they dont have rom drives? I do still really want one though!

Does anyone have any suggestions which would be suit my needs?

thanks in advance


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reading reviews, that sounds like it has quite a few flaws, and alot of people sound unhappy with the product, espically as its expensive too.
Ive just found the Linksys Kiss which is £99, pretty much the same as the media extender I have but in its own right, just a media streamer.

It only upscales to 720p, but I may consider this.


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if you went by everything you read then no one would by much :) especially a popcorn hour look at all the negative comments on that yet it sells out everywhere.

the bd prime comments are generally - its good does what it says but firmware is still very young and they need to work on it.

Thats the price u pay for being mr up to date as it is super new and the only player of its kind so far.

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