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Can anyone advise me please,when i watch skyhd throughmy plasma without the amp on just using the tvs speakers the speech seems to be very low eg:when planet earth was on last night the music was pretty loud but the presenters voice was low?
any advice


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It may have something to do with the box outputting Dolby Digital 5.1 and you using just a stereo TV. With 5.1 Surround, as you probably know, the center channel (voices) has its own discrete channel and if you do not have a center speaker connected for that channel, then the sound is 'lost' into the right and left speakers.
Go into 'system set up', then 'sound settings' and check the audio ouput is set to 'stereo' and also check what the optical output is set to. If it is set to 'Dolby Digital' then see if setting it to 'Normal' helps.
But I too notice this on some programmes but I tend to output sound through my amp most of the time. Some programmes are in simple stereo but some are in Dolby Digital and this is where the 'quite center channel' comes into play when listening through stereo speakers.


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ok thankyou sir

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