HD sound issue in Windows with LG C1


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I used to have this setup:
PC -> AVR (RX-677) -> TV (LG B7 65")
and with it I can get HD audio (DTS-HD & TrueHD) with no issues.

The issue came after I upgraded my TV to LG C1 77" while maintaining the rest of the setup.
When I switch the screen (with win+P) to TV only as it should be, I lose the HD sound for some weird reason, but when I switch to duplicate screens, the most baffling thing happens.. I get the HD audio back!


I still have my B7 and I just tried it and it still works with not issues.
So I'm at a loss here... I have tried everything, updating the sound drivers, play with the TV sound settings, updating Windows... etc.

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The LG C1 does not support DTS audio.

Does the LG C1 have eARC?

The LG C1 has eARC on HDMI 2 and is able to pass a Dolby Atmos signal via TrueHD via eARC.

For this to work, you have to enable HDMI-eARC Mode by selecting HDMI Input Audio Format and then choosing ‘Bitstream’.

You have to set the Digital Sound Output to ‘Auto’ and toggle eARC Support.

  1. Change your Sound Out to HDMI ARC
  2. Go to All Settings -> Sound -> Additional Settings and turn on eARC.
  3. Under All Settings -> Sound -> Additional Settings -> Digital Sound Out select “Pass Through”
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Does anyone ever hear a weird ding like noise when on PC and it's set to Atmos? Also (using a C1) and it never stays on Atmos... All sorts of audio issues I just wish a true HDMI 2.1 receiver would come out..

Denon said they fixed the issue but I bought 5 different models across their entire price range and not 1 of them would work with 4k120 HDR VRR ETC. Id get the black screen, flickering screen and loss of image altogether until I shut it off then back on. So now I'm back to earc and it's horrible.

Lastly can the C1 do simulated Atmos through headphones?

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