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HD Signal cable length from dish to box - query


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Hi guys,

I recently got back from a business trip to find that I had lost my Sky signal. It seems the problem was a tree (on public ground not my garden) was blocking the signal. I called Sky and they said I could not get an engineer until July 5th. With the world cup on, I got it fixed the next day privately, with an engineer moving the dish about 5-6 metres, and extending the cable.

I'm wondering if this could potentially cause a loss in signal, my tv settings have been slight messed up, and I'm currently trying to re-calibrate, but can't help wondering whether an extension of the satellite cable to the box may have caused a slight reduction in clarity.

Any views, for the record, I still have the July 5th engineer booked (which I can cancel at any time), but have kept it open in case I need to get better cabling installed etc...

Any known issues with cable length from the dish that I should be aware about?

Any help will be gratefully received.



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The signal from the dish is digital so you either get a signal or you don't. An unbroken cable of less than 30m will be fine from experience, an extension cable will reduce the total length possible, but as you get a signal you wont be receiving a degradation in the image.

Personally I'd want a single unbroken cable as a join will always be susceptible to corrosion.


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HD is no different to SD cable wise, the only difference is you get less channels within the bandwidth of a single transponder. A proper f to f joint is only equivalent to around an extra 1M of cable whether it's SD or HD. If it works then no need to worry.


my tv settings have been slight messed up, and I'm currently trying to re-calibrate
What settings and calibrations are affected?


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Thanks guys, much appreciated.

I did suspect that as a digital signal there wouldn't be any degradation (i.e. you either have signal or not), but needed reassuring because of the extension coinciding with a loss to my picture settings.

The picture settings / calibration were not affected by the loss of the signal in a direct way. The signal was lost whilst I was on a business trip, and 'her indoors, tried to "fix it" by basically fiddling around until she screwed up all the picture and sound settings….Grrr :suicide:

I eventually managed to get the picture back to its best last night by spending time tweaking the settings.

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