HD Settings for my Xbox 360 and LG 42PX4R - Newbie!


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Hi guys

I have been a "spectator" on these forums for the last couple of weeks as I have been in the market for a HD Ready plasma TV, I have been doing loads of searches etc, etc, and have to say thanks in advance for all the invaluable information I have gained from these forums! :clap: :thumbsup:

Anyway I finally chose my TV, an LG 42PX4R which I bought from Richer sounds. Did quite fancy the LG 42PX5D but it was £200 extra and the only difference was a digital receiver and a card reader. Not only that, the missus wasnt keen on the all black finish (even tho I was :( ) there were a few stock issues and the only problems i had heard about the TV's were freeview based. I also got the Alphason Aragon Series AG94-2-S from here - http://www.standanddeliver.com/acatalog/plasmastands.html Must say the service was excellent (next day delivery for £7) and the stand is quality!

The TV had replaced a 42" Hitatchi rear projection which was only 50 hertz and was quite old so I think making comparisons would be unfair and a bit pointless :D Got to say I am very pleased with my new purchase tho!!!

My only question is that yesterday I set up my Xbox 360 on the new TV and under the HD settings it asked me whether I wanted to run at 720 or 1080? I presume this means lines? I tried using both and the TV displayed them no problem, but which one should I use to get the best picture, does my TV even work fully at 1080?

Thanks in advance all and sorry for the essay!!!!

Stu :smashin:


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It's all a matter of preference really. You could select 1080i, which is interlaced, or have 720p which is progressive.

The Xbox360 renders all the games internally at 720p then scales it to whatever you select in the options menu. I prefer a progressive picture personally although both look fairly similar in my eyes.


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Not sure it does render all games internally at 720p - PGR3 for example is supposed to be rendered at 600 something and then scaled for the video output. Anyway, I run mine at 720p although 1080i looked very similar on my setup.

Prodrive, you did remember to flick the HD switch on the component cable, I assume?


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720p should look stunning.The games are also maiden for 720p.However if you stream some videos from your Windows media center PC you may want to try 1080i .


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Thanks for the replies guys!

Ive set it up to 720 now which looks great, as you say tho I couldnt really notice any difference between the 720 or the 1080 tho! :thumbsup:

Yeah rememebered to flick the switch to HD altho I did plug the green and blue wires in the wrong way round to start with and was cursing when i was getting sound with no picture!! :oops:They both look very similar in the dark and looking at them upside down! :rolleyes:

I have noticed that the picture on my TV appears to be getting even better tho every time I watch it? Might just be me that tho!

Thanks again! :smashin:

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