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HD Samsung Optimal Resolution


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I recently plugged my laptop into my Samsung 37inch LCD TV via a HDMI cable/port.

Since then the graphics on my TV when using the Xbox have deteriorated whenever I select 720p as the resolution setting. It doesn't look HD anymore as the graphics look 'blocky' and the colour vignettes look like they are printed on an inkjet printer that iss low on ink.

It also has a new resolution option that wasn't there before of 1360x768 (which it also selects when I choose 'Optimal Resolution') but this doesn't look as good as I previously had before I plugged the laptop in, the colours look very grey and almost foggy. I also have less options for adjusting colour etc than I previously had.

I've tried a different Xbox and model of Xbox and get the same problem.


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What is the exact model number of your TV?

What type of cable are you using to connect the xbox 360 to the TV?

Connecting the laptop may have put the TV into some sort of PC display mode. I can set this on or off on my own Samsung TV by setting the A/V input label to “PC”. If I set it to anything else (DVD, Blu-ray, etc) it reverts back to the normal video display mode. None of that was explained in my manual, but thankfully someone on here pointed it out to me.


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Go to Menu > Input > Edit Name, then you should see a menu with various pre-defined labels. Try each of the labels and see if any of them affect the picture quality. On my Samsung at least, the ‘PC’ or ‘DVI-PC’ labels set the TV into PC mode.

If this doesn’t help, the only other thing I can think of checking is the game mode setting. You can turn that on or off from the Setup section of the menu. Turning this on disables a lot of the image processing features on the TV to reduce input lag. It can also have a slight detrimental effect on the picture quality.

1360x768 is the native resolution of your TV, so that will be why the console selects that as the optimum setting. I didn’t realise it was possible to get that resolution with the HDMI connection though, I thought the choices were limited to standard HD TV resolutions i.e 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

Dinky Dragon

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When using HDMI (Use HDMI port 2)

Turn off Display Discovery

Set to 720p
Reference Levels - Standard
Colour Space - RGB

TV Settings -

Picture Mode - Movie
Contrast - 95
Brightness - 55
Sharpness - 20
Colour - 50
Tint - 50/50
Colour Tone - Warm 1
Game Mode - Off
Energy Saving - Off

Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) - Off
Active Colour - On
DNIe - Off

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