HD replacement for scart-based switching receiver?


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Hi! First time poster here so please be gentle. :hiya:

I have the following setup:

Hyundai A321 32' LCD TV
Pioneer DVR 515 dvd recorder
Telewest cable STB
Hitachi VCR

and I route everything through a Pioneer VSX-C301 AV Receiver, via RGB SCARTs.

The LCD TV is a new addition and I'm considering the benefits of buying a new receiver which will upscale the video to the panel. Also, it's likely that I'll spring for TV Drive and a HD-DVD drive at some point so would like a receiver with HDMI inputs and outputs.

Is there a unit which will provide a decent upscaler and give me some HDMI ports, whilst still dealing with my standard def sources via RGB SCART? A lot of the systems I've seen have been all-scart or all component/HDMI.



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I don't think there are any recievers that will take RGB scart and upconvert it to HDMI mate.

If it was me I would look for an RGB to HDMI converter in addition to a new amp.

You can get component leads for the PS2, the VCR only uses composite and really you need to get a dvd player/recorder with component/hdmi outputs aswell. So you may not need to take care of RGB scart anyway.

Hope this makes sense :)


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Thanks for that - I've now sprung for the DMR-EX85 to upscale DVDs via HDMI. I'll run the PS2 into the component input on the panel. Unfortunately, when switching I'll need to switch inputs on the panel as well as the amp for sound, which was kind of what I was hoping to avoid. Will I see any improvement in my cable TV pictures when run through the upscaling dvd player - either in real-time or when playing back from the HDD?


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I don't have any experience with upscaling equipment i'm afraid mate, but a lot of people do say the upscaling machines are good. Even if it doesn't, it still makes things more convinient for you :)

Theres nothing stopping you from replacing your amp for one which does all the video switching though, I was looking at a £300 Yamaha one which upconverts S-video, (i assume composite aswell), and component up to HDMI. Think it was on superfi..

EDIT: - I just realised I do have experience. I have my sky+ box running via RGB scart into my DVD recorder and then component outputs go into my projector, and the image just seems a bit sharper than running s-video from the sky+ box directly to the projector. It's not a HUGE difference, but it is slightly better. I choose not to use this though as I run an optical lead from my sky+ box to my amp, and as the picture is getting upscaled by the DVD recorder, it adds a small delay to the picture and is then out of sync with the sound.

Something to experiment with though :)
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