HD receiver > scart on SD?


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I live in the Netherlands. We got 1 problem here atm and that's there's hardly any HD broadcasting.
Now i would like to have the best possible SD quality you can get . So my question is. Is there a big difference between for example a scart connected samsung receiver and one connected through HDMI on a Standard Definition tv channel.

Like i said , there's only a few HD broadcasting so it's kinda important for me to get the best sort of SD quality possible because i watch it 99% of the time.



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The HDMI input will make a noticeable difference because the TV wouldn't have to convert the incoming signal from analog SCART.


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As stiggyb says, it depends on your anonymous TV. If you have a CRT / rear projector TV SCART will probably be better, nut may not be; if it's an LCD / Plasma, HDMI should be better (mont1uk is presmably assuming this), but again, this may not be.

In most cases connecting through a receiver will reduce the quality compared to a direct connection from the source. To get the best possible SD picture, you need to buy a high quality SD TV. In order of quality, this means a high quality CRT, then Plasma, then LCD, but no doubt others here will argue. An HD TV will generally have a poorer SD picture than an SD TV, as scaling always degrades the picture quality - this is elementary arithmetic.

If you want a better answer, you are going to have to identify your current TV.

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