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Firstly, please excuse my ignorrance I am pretty new to the world of plasma tv's. I'm looking to purchase my first one.

I have been looking at the JVC PD-42DX6B and part of the specification reads "Capability to receive HD 1080i 50/60Hz and HD 720p 60Hz Signals" - does this mean that the TV is HD Ready for when Sky release HDTV?

Again, apologies if this is a stupid question but any advice is much appreciated.

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No support for 720p/50 then?

Suspect that's why it's not listed as HD Ready, the SkyHD box should let you force 1080i/50 output but to be honest, that's not ideal.

It's listed as HD Ready on Currys site though (but what do they know?)


A bit of a thread resurrection here, however I have just bought a Samsung DVD recorder with upscaling (DVDR125). I can confirm that the JVC PD-42DX6B works with the DVD player outputting either 720p or 1080i via HDMI thus perhaps this screen is indeed fully HD-Ready despite the spec saying it doesn't do 720p/50Hz(Unless the Samsung is outputting 720p/60Hz which would be strange for a UK DVD player !).

As this screen is available cheaper now and has a great picture I can only recommend it even more now !
edit : I am a bit surprised that this TV has never been reviewed by the press..


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