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    Hi all,

    I thought we were past all this, but browsing through www.komplett.ie (and mirrored I assume on www.komplett.co.uk) are some LCDs that are most certainly not HD-ready but are labelled as such.

    Here's an e-mail exchange...
    Hi guys,

    Just some advice.

    You need to be careful with your use of the "HD ready" logo on TVs.

    In particular the Sharp LC37P50E is not "HD ready". It's a good TV and it's HD compatible, but the HD ready logo is designed to ensure that certain requirements are met. It has the connections, but does not have the required resolution (at least 720 horizontal lines).

    Likewise the Hyundai ImageQuest 32" LCD-TV HQL320WR... assuming your specs are correct this has the required resolution, but not the connections (must have a HDCP compatible port - either HDMI or DVI)

    Any one who buys these could demand a refund on this point, as it's false advertising.

    Just trying to help you out. I assume the manufacturers don't have HD-ready on their brochures?
    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the heads-up.

    We have not been informed of any breach of regulations or that the logo can not be used.
    Can you please reply with a link to a website that outlines such claims are false?

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    Best regards
    Hi there,

    http://www.eicta.org/ is the group responsible for the HD-ready logo

    is about the use of the HD-ready logo.

    In particular
    http://www.eicta.org/cms/site/showdoc.asp?id=408 is the license agreement. Look at page 11 for the requirements.

    I don't really care about the legal issue. I'm concerned that people who buy from your web-site don't get confused about what their TV will do.

    The whole point of "HD-ready" is to make sure there is no confusion. Some future HD devices will demand a HDCP capable port and all they have to say is "make sure your TV is HD-ready". People will be very annoyed if you have to tell them in a few months or years, that actually no, the TV was not HD-ready.

    You should not use this logo to describe a TV unless it meets all the requirements. In fact the use of the logo is not up to you but to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer uses it it's their problem, however I'm certain that Sharp is not referring to the TV I mentioned as HD-ready? So you must have added that yourselves?

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