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Hey all,

It has been about 8 months since I posted the original thread detailed below. I didn't get a recorder at the time because none seemed to meet my options and be stable.

I just wondered with the sales here and with time passed, can anyone offer any further advice or recommendations on my original post?

At the time people directed me towards the 3View and The Fox T2 which seems tempting and almost £150 cheaper now. Are there any new units on the market and are the two recommended to me 8 months back now stable for what I want?

Can anyone help?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a HD PVR but with certain requirements. I have looked through some online reviews, but with updates etc I'm not sure if they are all relevant.

Basically I want a HD PVR with the usual functionality that will also...

1 - I watch some files in DIV-X format, so I'd like the ability to transfer files to and from the PVR via a USB stick (HD Ideally, but SD OK). Also, the ability to watch directly from the USB would be nice via DIV-X playback and other formats (my old Sony model would only allow photos and mp3 play from USB).

2 - I'd like a machine with IP capabiity. So the ability to access iplayer and other on-demand services, maybe even youtube would be nice. I'm not greatly fussed about this being available now, as long as the unit is capable when the services are on stream.

Can anyone point me towards suitable models?

Does the Digital Stream DHR820XU series of models support my requirements? I read they didn't in the reviews, but then read an update may have made the above possible?


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Be aware that the DigitalStream box is primarily just a PVR; don't buy it just for the media player side because it's very limited about what it'll play. Won't even handle certain mp3s, though this may well improve later on.
The only IP capability is the MHEG-IC stuff; iPlayer via red-button is expected at some point, but that is all; unless C4/five/ITV decide to launch 4od/Demand5/ITVPlayer MHEG-IC apps...
As celsius says; get a decent PVR (as I understand it, boxes from DigitalStream, Humax, TVionics, and 3View are all worthy of consideration). Then get something else to do media player duties; if you haven't a bluray player already, remember that many also have media player and iptv features.
Regards, Iain
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