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Hi All (newbie please be gentle)
I've been asked to buy a projector capable of displaying high resolution images. This will be in a camera club so we will rarely use moving images. The most important aspect will be colour production. Our current projector is several years old and the blacks in particular are rubbish. We will use a laptop to connect to the projector if that is a consideration. The budget is about £1100-£1500 and I had been looking at an Infocus N80 or X10. Any help would be gratefully received.:lease:


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What size screen are you looking to achieve and at what sort of distance will you be viewing.And what conditions will you be viewing under(fully darkened room or what)and what screen do you have(white/grey/gain of screen).

What is the make/model & resolution of the pj you are using at present.


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Hi sorry for slow response :oops: . The room will be very softly lit and the screen will be approx 10-15 feet from the pj. The screen we use is just a regular pj white screen about 8''X8''. The projector is about 5 years old but I can't remember the brand sorry. Its is connected to a sony vaio laptop. We will probably need a new screen too but are hoping to get away with using the same laptop as it is only used for this purpose so there is no need for a top spec processor.


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The projector (if you get a home cinema projector which I guess is what you want) may not accept native res through VGA. You may need to use the HDMI port to get 1920x1080 resolution.

I stand to be corrected on that though!


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Will a room full of people be scanning their eyes across large, well lit black & white images? If yes then maybe you should avoid DLP & go for LCD or DILA?



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Thanks guys this is just what I need. Yes a room full for people will be looking at black and white and colour images. Would LCD be better (sorry this technology is not something I know anything about - ask me about digital still photography!). I had a quick search andn Epson EH-TW3000 Projector is in our price range, is this the type of LCD projector you had in mind? Any others to consider around the £1000 - £1300 mark?

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