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Assuming you mean Freesat (This is the terrestrial freeview thread)

The Foxsat-HD is a single tuner non recording box. The Foxsat-hdr is a twin tuner recording pvr. The dish requirements are the same as Sky, how big depends on where you are. In the Southern half of the UK a sky minidish should be fine. Further north a Zone 2 (60 cm) is a good idea as insurance against rain fade. In Northern Scotland a 80 cm dish may be needed.

There is also a FOXT2-HD freeview box this is a single tuner freeview HD box that can record to a seperate drive and The FOXT2-hdr twin tuner pvr, these require an aerial not a dish.




what is the difference and what dish should i get for freesat?
OK, you're in the right forum now.
The difference between what and what?
HD means High Definition. Freesat HDR doesn't mean anything in particular, but could be High Definition Recorder.
Are you talking about a particular make of Freesat receiver and/or recorder as glt assumes?
All the Freesat receivers and recorders are listed here: Set Top Boxes - freesat Receiver - freesat.
Freesat is the same as Sky only free, so you need the sort of dish that others have near you for that.
Full details of all three methods of getting free satellite TV are described here: freesatellite.


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Humax use "HD" for their high definition single tuner receivers and "HDR" in the model names of the twin tuner HD recorders.

The Official usages are

Freeview = Digital Terrestrial Television / Freesat = Digital Satellite TV

HD = a box capable of receiving and outputting high definition signals (or a TV with such a tuner built in)

Specifically Freeview HD units receive the second generation DVB-T2 system

+ = a twn tuner box with a hard drive to record otherwise called a personal video recorder or PVR.

So the permutations are:

Freeview = A single tuner box (Standard definition)
Freeview + = A twin tuner PVR
Freeview HD = A single tuner high definition box
Freeview+HD = A twin tuner high definition PVR

Freesat naming works the same although often standard definition only boxes are marked "SD" and there are no Freesat SD PVRs on the market.


Anyone can say HD, so the question is - what is the difference between High Definition and a Humax "HDR" PVR.
There's no answer to that. :D
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