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Have a Pioneer PDP504 Plasma that i would like to see what HD looks like on it - as im sure most people on here do :)

I can play HD material on my PC but just wondered what ways i can connect my PC to my Plasma to view the HD material on the Plasma.

Current AGP card on PC is Radeon 9700pro - do i have to connect via VGA or can i connect via TV out (S-VID) - dont think the card had a DVI output (need to check) but Plasma only had one HDMI input currently used for the DVD player so would prefer not to go DVI -> HDMI.

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Neal

Distinguished Member
S-video is standard-def only - so won't carry HD material replayed in HD on your PC to your display in HD. It is poorer quality than component or RGB standard def - and only a bit better than composite.

If your PC doesn't have DVI output then you won't be able to use the HDMI input.

I suspect VGA is the best first choice. If the Pioneer accepts a 1280x768 input via VGA (which I think it does as this is Wide XVGA?) then if you can get your PC to run in 1280x768 mode then this is probably the best way to watch HD material.


Thanks for the reply - yes the Plasma does accpet 1280x768 and PC will out put at that res so looking good there :) now just need to find somewhere that sells long VGA cables :)

On the subject of connecting HD devices i know that the new sky box is going to have HDMI, but being a total newbie at HD :) is the only way HD material tranfered via either HDMI or DVI ? or can it be done via componant ?

Just having a HDMI DVD player and only one HDMI socket on the plasma is gonna be a pain, will either mean buy a HDMI switch or changing the DVD player to componant connection - then the problem comes back when HD DVD or Blue Ray come out.


Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Yes , many displays do allow HiDef input via component.
This will be an an option initially when $ky start their HD service ; howver , at an unspecified later time, $ky HD is likely to only be outputted from their boxes via HDMI.
The temporary stay of execution allows the display manufacturers to play catchup.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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