HD movie distribution


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The entire Mr Spielberg thing is confusing me and I need come help.

So his big films are mainly owned by Universal/ Paramount- which are HD DVD only.


They cant release them without his consent. Why not? Does he have some rights over the IP of all all his films?

So in the event he wanted all his stuff on BD, but the studios that owned them were HD DVD, where does this leave us?

With a Mexican standoff?


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By the way- I've no wish for this to decend into who supports what and why!

I just want the question answered!


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The whole studio and distributors (different countries etc) subject completely confuses me as well, and to be honest isn't doing either format any good really. I mean, we can supposedly get Apocolypto from Poland on HDDVD, and also Kill Bills on HDDVD from some country or other in the future as well (I can't remember where though).
I think that given the fact that HDDVD is Region free, the likes of Movietyme will list all available titles when they are err 'available'.
To further add confusion only certain films on BlueRay are Region free as well.

Wether or not Spielberg supports Blueray or not, will cut no ice with the big wigs as money talks at the end of the day. Maybe he does have control though.


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Just like Lucas, I bet he holds an enourmous amount of sway with the studios.

I've resigned myself to the fact that the majority of Bergies catalogue (save for the likes of Jaws/CE) will be a while yet. 2008 maybe if not 2009 and beyond.

If HD-DVD is around then (which I fully expect it to be now) and best sellers are selling millions of copies, then his films will reach HD-DVD, simple as, imo.

Keeping it neutral, same goes if BR is still around and sellings millions.


It's simple. From a certain point in his career onwards, Speilberg owns his movies, first under the Amblin' banner then Dreamworks.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is one of the earlier titles that is not owned by him. It is owned by Sony/Columbia, hence the reason it is the only title available so far.

Of course Bill Hunt et al have tried desperately to spin this as "Steven Speilberg supports Blu-Ray." All that the press release from Paramount says is that his films are not exclusive to either format, nothing more.

I would interpret that as SS hedging his bets, like Lucas, and waiting for a winner to emerge in the format war and for a large customer base to become established for HD-DVD - oops, I mean whatever the winning format is :devil: , before deciding to release his movies on the format.

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