HD MediaBox vs Popcorn?


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Its been a couple of years since i looked into getting a media streamer for audio and video and decided against it ... the Pixelmagic Mediabox seemed like the best solution at the time but I thought id wait and see how the technology improved. Seems like not much has changed in the meantime, HD MediaBox looks like there hasnt been an update (?), though obviously there's a buzz around the Popcorn Hour.

IS the HD MediaBox still a contender? Anything better / in terms of value and performance??



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The PCH supports a lot of formats and has decoders for WMA-Pro, DTS (including HD-MA) and is continuing to be developed (there is very good community support).
I suspect the Mediabox is a bit easier to get started but not as versatile - horses for courses etc.


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MB100 is good, although basic in its functionality. I had one for a couple of years and sold it and bought another PCH. The media box can't handle H.264, a big problem if you're looking to play back blu-rays and isn't being suported as well as it should be by PMS. Also with the popcorn You can add a nice jukebox front end with cover art etc which gives it a good WAF and makes it much nicer to use.


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sooooo, thanks for the replies. Its really hard tryin to figure what's the best (sound quality / pic quality/ ease of use / price) streamer, and i'm still lookin!

of course there's the squeezebox too with its display. hmmmm....


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I had an MB200. Awful it was, until they sent me a new remote that worked with my Toshiba LCDTV.

TBH it isn't in the same league as the PCH.

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