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I am seriously considering purchasing the above. I can't post on the Pixel media forums hence posting here.

I have a large collection of dvd's and media that I would put on both the network and local hd that I would install.

I am just wondering if the people actually using the mb200 would recommend it, it seems like Pixel Magic do respond to posts and seem to actively trying to improve the device. I would eventually like to stream but I am not worried at the moment. I will be purchasing a new av amp to go alongside and eventually probably a Sony Bravia V range LCD tv.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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The firmware is still a little buggy (being upgraded soon) but the MB200 is a fantastic piece of kit. Plays DVD rips no problem, hd wmv and mpeg playback can be problematic (seems to struggle with larger files) Having said that, feed it a 1080i .ts file and the quality can be stunning.

Mad Mr H

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Im sending my HD200 back......

Im not sure if I have just found all the right software in the past BUT this is just a file listiing box - thats ALL it really does, yes it plays back BUT if you had a pc then software for £20-70 does a much better job than this does.

Buggy - VERY!, mine was sent to me with BETA software on it, so far I have not really been able to watch a movie without it freezing, even the menu system stops......

I think there is much better out there.

I think this is a real shame, the graphic interface is NOT even that.....its 90% TEXT based !!!

I want a system that I click on a movie picture and it plays the movie - been doing that for over 3 years now so not too much to ask of a current item.....

People have mentioned that networked stuff does not play well, I have only tried that...

BUT a NEW product still with a 10/100 network port - thats NOT really future proof, my 2 year old laptop have a 1000/100 network port.

I have seen many happy customers - I cant believe they have the same unit as I have !!!!!

Glorified file listing pc - and nothing more than that!

SORRY - I and others that have seen it here would not touch it, in fact IF I had seen screen shots prior to buying I would not have bought it........

I can deal with buggy, quirky call it what you like , but this plain does not work !!!!

Ive had it about 3-4 weeks now time to return to sender, item not fit fot the purpose sold.


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Hmm this is very strange, most of the reviews are excellent, there are currently issues with the streaming however they are apparently getting addressed. It uses decent components that no media centre pc could hope to match, especially with the sound and video scaling. I know media centre very well and am fully aware of what it can and can't do.

I am surprised you are unable to get anything playing back properly when most other people have no little or no issues, infact running off an internal hard drive the picture and sound from what I understand are supposed to be excellent.

I suggest maybe try fitting an internal hard drive in or looking at your dvd vobs/avi encoding etc. Your 2 year old laptop is no doubt a centrino so of course it would be 1g lan, 100mb if full through put would be fine for network streaming.

I haven't decided yet however I find your post extremely unbalanced and critical without giving any actual useful insight.

Mad Mr H

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Where in the world are you ???

Please add to your "profile".

If you would like specific info just PM me happy to give all I can.

Have you seen a screen shot ???

PM me if you answer this thread im not often here......



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Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh on you then, sometimes people just seem to use forums for slating products off rather than constructive criticism.

After noting your comments and the amount of negative feedback on pixelmagic forums I have decided to shelve this idea for the moment and wait a bit longer. Whatever product I end up with HAS to be wife friendly as I plan on putting all our DVD's on the network. quite obviously this product promises alot but currently doesn 't deliver. I guess I will just have to bide my time. Hmm noow do I buy a 37 inch plasma or LCD...:devil:

ps I live just outside London.


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I have a similar product, a Roku HD1500 HD network streaming appliance. It works almost perfectly, I said almost, sometimes I have to reboot it (it's essentially a Linux computer) to get it to respond. Also, it has it's foibles which some may put down to "it will be fixed in the next firmware" and it doesn't play divx, xvid, avi etc. It's great with .ts and .vob and so on. So when I want to stream a divx, I have to get up and switch the xbox (xbmc) on and use that instead.
I'm telling you all this because I'm on the hunt for a one stop solution and I thought the MB200 would fit the bill, but I'm said to read (not just here) that it has its operating quirks :( Looks like the search continues, there's no way I'm getting yet another box with 'features' :(
It does have a nice GUI, though, and it streams 18mbps high def over ethernet without problem (the Roku that is) :)

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