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Ok, I want to buy a HD LCD TV, somehwere in the ranges of 26'-32'. I do not want to pay more $800. So my first question is what tv would be good for this genre... and my second question is if i bought that ( HD LCD TV), would i need a HD signal (that costs extra, like a box/service) to play Xbox 360 in HD picture on the tv, or can I play my Xbox 360 on it with HD quality without having a HD signal (service/box).

Any suggestions or answers are appreciated.


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Probably the best value and pretty good TV's too (they are highly rated) are the Samsung LE26R41B/BD and LE32R41B/BD. The 26" can be purchased online for around 600-700 and the 32" for around 850-950. The ones with D in the model number have built in Freeview. And no you won't need an additional box to hook up your consoles for HD.

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