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Occasionally I see Jaggies/slight flickering when watching the athletics in HD (white lines of the track - only at certain angles though). Is this just limitations of my TV? Or should i be adjusting some of the settings for my ATI 5450 GPX card?


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As far as I'm aware (i'm sure someone will be along to correct) it comes down to the de-interlacing power of the card. Might be worth checking in catalyst control centre what the best your card can support is (I think motion adaptive is the best from memory)
Vector adaptive is usually thought to be the best, but it's disabled in the 5450 if ESVP (Enforced Smooth Video Playback) is enabled, as the card doesn't have sufficient horsepower to run both at the same time.

Motion Adaptive will work with ESVP, but AnandTech's test of the 5450 points out that it's inferior with angled lines - in fact, they use the specific example of jaggies with white lines on sports fields, which makes me wonder if that's actually the OP's problem.

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