HD installation on friday... just a few questions

philip birdi

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My HD installation is this friday and i wanted to know will the installer put up a new dish and new cables or will he just use the same ones i have at the moment for my sky+ ??thanks


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Seems to totally depend on the installer - we had a new dish. Others reported new cabling as well - others nothing except the box change.


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The installer asked me if I had any problems with my SKy+, I did, the phone line wasn't connecting, I'd tried various things myself, so I knew it was only the cable at fault.

He put in a new phone cable, apart from that her just swapped the box over with my Sky+, didn't even use any of the new leads from the HD box, just used my existing Sky+ ones.


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I want to keep Sky+ as a freestat box.

I will want my SkyHD to connect to my TV Link/magic eye upstairs.

What will my installation involve?


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Had my Sky HD done yesterday.My Pioneer wouldn't accept component.It also wouldn't accept one of the HDMI connections in the media box.The only way I can watch Sky at the moment is to use the other HDMI socket that my DVD was plugged into but i'm now worried about the compatability issues.
Oh and Sky HD still hasn't come on 16 hours later.:mad:
Bracing myself for a long day on the phone to Sky and my dealer.


had Sky+ HD installed yesterday, well upgraded my normal Sky+
The guy just swopped boxes. I mentioned that sig input one was a bit
low, he checked and fitted a new quad LNB. Just need some good
HD channels now



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This has probably been asked before, but.....

I've got standard Sky at the moment and I am having SkyHD installed on the 22nd of August, will my existing viewing card be ok or will I need a new one?

Just wondering because Sky haven't sent me one..........


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I made the same move as you and your existing card will be fine :smashin:

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