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I want to install a bigger HD on my laptop. I've sourced the HD and know how to actually put the drive in. What I'm not to sure about is installing the OS. I'm not going to tranfer any files as I would rather have a fresh install. Am I correct in thinking that if I boot up with the XP install disc it will actually install the OS, fix partitions, etc. I've reformatted the drive before so know how to install the OS, drivers, etc but, I'd rather be sure before taking my laptop to bits.



The Dude

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yeah, if you're starting from scratch it couldn't be easier..

XP setup will detect the bare disk and prompt you to create and format the partitions.. :)

Monty Burns

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Before you go ahead with this though, make sure you have any modem or network card drivers on a floppy/cd-rom/memory stick.

Having these downloaded makes installing the rest of the drivers a doddle, without them, it can be a pain in the arse :smashin:


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Thanks Monty, I've got the disc with all of the drivers and will go online to update them once the install's finished.

Looks like it's going to be a long night:zonked:

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