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I currently have Sky Q's HDMI output to a 4 way splitter (and split again upstairs) to a total of 6 TV's using Cat 6 and balun extenders and all TV's work fine with the Q resolution set to 1080i and letting the TV's do the upscaling (using 1080p over the distance involved starts to cause dropouts).

However, I have recently upgraded the Lounge TV to a 65 inch OLED and would like to be able to take advantage of the UHD part of my HD subscription occasionally (Didn't realise I had this, but Sky seem to have included it in my latest offer). Presently I have to unplug the HDMI cable from the Sky box and connect it to the TV to do this, but obviously that is a real pain!

I have come across the HD Fury Vertex device which sounds like it would do what I want and keep output 1 at 2160p (to OLED TV) and downscale output 2 (which I could connect to the existing splitter)? What I can't work out from the instructions is would I be able to limit output 2 to 1080i as it seems to imply it would downscale to 1080p and then I would be faced with the picture dropouts (re-cabling with Cat 7 ir reducing run length is not an option!). Maybe I can restrict this with the EDID settings?

If it's not possible I will live with things as they are as there aren't that many things I watch available in UHD on Sky Q yet, but it would be nice to know if there is a solution out there.



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