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Looking for a HD Freeview + box. Dont want to spend a lot. Must have a hard drive not after a large size one.

Any pointers as to what to go for? Would ideally like to keep it under £100


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That is REALLY pushing it. You will not get a full twin tuner HD PVR under £100 but you can get an A grade Humax HD Fox T2 from their direct sales site for £59 plus postage. You will need to get a USB hard drive and the floods in Thailand have put the price of these up. You could use one retrieved from a redundant computer and put into a USB housing if you have one.

Alternatively, Humax have a bundle deal for £115 with their 160Gb drive but including their full guarantee I think.

You can record one channel and watch another channel on the same mux - in practice this means you can watch one HD channel while recording another but not, for example, record ITV1 HD and watch ITV2. No problem if you have an IDTV already.
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BTW, you may still be able to find the Phillips Freeview+HD box in the stores for under £100. These were made by Pace under a brand licence but the software was done by Phillips in France and was dreadful. It is supposed to be fairly stable after a couple of updates but you would be taking a risk as they do not seem to be supporting it any longer.

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